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Go to Joseph! ... Why ?

There are numerous widely known saints with moving, sometimes spectacular stories, abundant sources of information about their lives, teachings and virtues and whole bouquets of prayers, places of devotion, statues and special customs. Everyone whose heart beats even a little for the veneration of saints has their own favorites, who unmistakably touch the soul through their personality and life's journey - or even just through a few profound words. So why go to St. Joseph of all people? He only appears very rarely in the Holy Scriptures, does not speak a single word, works hidden in the background - always only as a silent companion.

Only!? This is precisely where the incomparable greatness of St. Joseph lies. As the foster father of Jesus Christ, he is nothing less than the human representative of God the Father on earth. As the spouse of the Mother of God, he is the human counterpart of the Holy Spirit. As the educator of the Son of God, he intimately formed and shaped Jesus' human nature from childhood to young adulthood. He is therefore almost as intimately connected to the Triune God as Mary - and after her, more intimately than any other person on earth ever was or will be. According to tradition, he never committed even one venial sin and is therefore, after Mary, the purest, most innocent person who ever lived.

And this greatest saint after Our Lady, this great man, whom everyone knows by name even far outside the Church, remains so silent in the background. Not only in the Bible itself, but also in the rich history of the veneration of saints. What breathtaking humility!


Go to Joseph!

– Pharaoh called out to his starving people when the Old Testament Joseph, the model and forerunner of Christ's nourishing father, was viceroy of Egypt and manager of all its grain supplies (Genesis 41:55).


Go to Joseph!

– the Nourishing Father of Jesus Christ, you who long for solid food for your spiritual life in the spiritual famine of our time. He will lead you to Jesus, the bread of life.


Go to Joseph!

– the patron of the Church, you who are suffering from the ecclesiastical scandals and confusion of our time. He will protect the Church in one of its greatest crises since its foundation, just as he once saved the infant Jesus from the greatest danger to his life. He will strengthen your faith, nourish your hope and allow you to grow in love.


Go to Joseph!

– the head of the Holy Family, to sanctify your families. "The last battle between God and Satan will be fought over the family," predicted St. Lucia dos Santos, one of the three seers of Fatima. St. Joseph is the model of true fatherhood.


Go to Joseph!

– the chaste and virile bridegroom of the Blessed Virgin, in order to learn from him strength against temptation, true purity of body and soul, courage and a spirit of sacrifice. Contrary to what is often portrayed in art history, St. Joseph was a young, strong and courageous man! He is the model of true masculinity.


Go to Joseph!

– who lived in hiding with Jesus and Mary for 30 years in order to find true concentration, silence and devotion in the midst of the distractions of our world.


Go to Joseph!

– to whom the Son of God was obedient as a legitimate father and whose intercession in heaven is therefore so powerful that there is no request, no worry, no need, no problem that he could not solve for us! St. Theresa of Ávila said from her own experience: "Every grace that one asks of St. Joseph will surely be granted. If you don't quite believe it, try it once and you will be completely convinced!"

Our mission

Mit dieser Webseite möchten wir im Geiste der hl. Theresia von Ávila dazu aufrufen, die Verehrung des hl. Joseph „einmal zu probieren“ oder noch mehr zu vertiefen. Denn die unendliche Heiligkeit, Größe und Schönheit der Muttergottes ist der Kirche zu allen Zeiten klar vor Augen gestanden. Auf ihre mächtige Fürsprache vertrauen die Christen seit 2000 Jahren. Wenn der hl. Joseph hingegen lange im Verborgenen stand und nur wenige Verehrer hatte, dann möchten wir dazu beitragen, dass möglichst viele Menschen ihn als den größten Heiligen nach der Muttergottes kennen und lieben lernen.

"I believe," said St. José Manyanet 150 years ago, "that the true time of St. Joseph has not yet come. After two thousand years, we have only now begun to glimpse something of the mystery in which he was immersed."

We are convinced that today this "true time of St. Joseph" has come, in which his unique holiness and his great importance for us is becoming more and more evident. In the many crises and tribulations of our time, St. Joseph stands out in his great role in salvation history as the patron saint of the Church, as a pillar of support for families, as a shining example of purity and a strong helper in every need. Go ye all to Joseph! The promise contained in this millennia-old call will also be fulfilled for us today, perhaps more than ever! After devotion to the Holy Eucharist and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, devotion to this mysteriously hidden saint is one of the surest and most perfect means of salvation of our time.

Diese Seite befindet sich derzeit im Aufbau. Langfristig sollen hier alle Informationen über die hohe Stellung, das Geheimnis und die Schönheit dieses großen Heiligen verfügbar gemacht werden. Hier werden nach und nach alle Gebete und Andachten gesammelt, die History seiner Devotion, seiner Wunder und Erscheinungen erzählt und seine Präsenz auch in Kunst, Literatur und Film erkundet. Priester, Ordensleute und theologisch interessierte Laien werden hier zudem eine Sammlung aller Predigten, Schriften und Abhandlungen über den hl. Joseph seit der Zeit der Kirchenväter finden. Unser Vorbild ist der sel. Carlo Maria Acutis, der eine zentrale Plattform für alle eucharistischen Wunder erstellt hat. Möge diese Seite dazu beitragen, dass möglichst viele Menschen den Weg zum hl. Joseph und durch ihn zu Maria und Jesus finden!

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, enlighten us, help us, save us!


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